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"Yucky" American Robin

I migrated north for this!

Original Acrylic on board  12" x 9"

$275.00 + tax

"On a Pedestal" Red-winged Blackbird

Telling a Story!

Original Oil, wrapped canvas  4" x 8"



Two different kinds of ornaments:

 Glass Bulbs are 3".  A picture painted on the front.

Basswood Planks approxiametly 3" and are

wood burned on both sides.  A picture painted on

the front and pumpkins on the back.

These are customizable!  

Glass sell for:  $35.00 + tax = $38.85

Wood sell for:  $40.00 + tax = $44.40

"Into The Blue" Blue Winged Teals

True Prairie Blues!

Federal Duck Stamp Entry

Oil on Board  12" x 9"

Cards available


"Asleep at the Wheel" Red Fox

Too cozy to pass by!

Original Oil,  8" x 6"


"Silent Marsh Hunter" Great Blue Heron

It's a waiting game...

Original Oil,  24" x 16"

Cards available

$475.00 + tax

"Canola, Canola"

As far as the eye can see!

2 - 2' x 2',  Original Oil on Wrapped Canvas



"As the Fog Lifts..." Rocky Mountain Elk

What happens next?

Original Oil on Canvas  40" x 30"

Cards Available



"Sun in the Pines" Red Breasted Nuthatch

On a nice sunny day, a lucky find, a sunflower seed!

8" x 10" Original Oil on Canvas

Cards available


"Red Crested Forager" Pileated Woodpecker

A stunning woodpecker!

8" x 10"  Oil on canvas

Framed into a piece of barnwood

Cards available

$475.00 + tax

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